Head Office
  • 9-11 Tipping Road
  • Kewdale
  • Western Australia 6105
Postal Address
  • PO Box 151
  • Cloverdale
  • Western Australia 6985

Company Profile

Supalux was founded in 1974. Today, Supalux is a diversified Paint and contracting group with a wide spectrum of expertise. Supalux comprises of Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd which is a manufacturer of Pavement markings, Decorative, Marine & other specialty coatings and Supalux Pty. Ltd. and Supalux Linemarking Pty. Ltd. which are application contractors of Pavement markings and Decorative coatings. Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd have international license & Technology Agreements with Chugoku Marine Paints, Japan (CMP). This places the company in the forefront of coatings technology and compliments the contracting company in the group. It also facilitates representation out of offices in 30 countries worldwide. Quality control, research and the development of coatings combined with pre-eminent technical service are cornerstones of the company’s success. Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd manufactures and provides a wide range of Coatings and associated products expertise in:

  • Heavy Duty /Marine coatings for Industrial Plant and Ship maintenance with anticorrosive Protective Coatings for Oil Installations, Refineries, Mine sites, Shipping installations, LNG /Plants, High Temperature applications.
  • Decorative Paint manufacture
  • Road Markings and Supply and Retro reflective Glass sphere products for Road Marking applications
  • Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials manufacture.
  • Manufacture of a wide range of Marine coatings
  • All traffic markings manufacture  is assessed and certified as complying with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001
  • Supalux Pty Ltd and Supalux LineMarking Pty. Ltd. provide contracting expertise in:
  • Application Contracting on Commercial Building projects.
  • Traffic Control and Management of Performance Contracts on Road Networks.
  • Application of Road markings and associated products.

Corporate Objectives:

  • Lead the Field in specialised application technology
  • To continue to recruit, retain, care for and develop a skilled, loyal, workforce
  • To deliver quality products and services
  • To successfully promote a wide range of specialised coatings to Industry.
  • To maintain and improve customer relationships
  • To maintain and improve supplier relationships
  • To remain in the forefront of our niche businesses, by providing delivery on time, professionally and technologically advanced and of the highest quality.

The Supalux team includes several highly capable and qualified tradespeople, managers, supervisors and support staff.


  • State Govt. Road and Highway Authorities, Australia wide
  • Leading Builders/Developers, Western Australia
  • State Housing Departments, Western Australia
  • Power Generation Operators, Queensland
  • Major Shipping operators worldwide

The Group

Commercial Contracting & Asset Maintenance

Supalux Pty Ltd is a registered painting contractor. We endeavour, where possible, to be specified and to use our own manufactured products on projects undertaken. This provides for control over quality. This Asset group manages a range of tradesmen and employed personnel, specialised in carrying out and supervising various Housing Maintenance activities. Supalux Pty Ltd is a Registered Painting Contractor, registration number 01274-Australian Painters Registration Act 1961.


Road Marking

Road Marking/Line marking is a core business. Supalux has offices on the east and west coast of Australia. This has proven to be logistically useful in servicing the entire country. Stringent quality standards encompass;

  • OH&S and Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of the CCF code of practice.
  • Civil Contractors Federation Construction Management Code Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety
  • Certificate of accreditation by the Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP)
  • Certified by DLCS International Pty Ltd ISO/NZS 9001 for the application of line marking and Road marking & installation of raised reflective Pavement Markers.

Supalux Paint Co Pty. Ltd.

Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd is Western Australia’s largest manufacturer of Coatings.

  • All coatings are manufactured at the company’s plant in Kewdale
  • Servicing customers throughout the country is both effective and efficient. A network of storage facilities and distribution centres allow for smooth, reliable product delivery.

The company holds a number of registrations and certifications:

  • Certified by DLCS International Pty Ltd ISO/NZS 9001 for Manufacture of paint for Pavement Marking including the supply of retro reflective Glass Beads used in Pavement Markings.
  • NATA accredited laboratory No.1770 since 5th September 1983
  • Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) recognized Manufacturer

Technical Service

All senior staff have extensive experience in the industry, both overseas and in Australia. Their depth of expertise provides the high level of technical service required. Site supervisors are employed to inspect all work in progress and ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd manufactures a range of traffic marking materials to meet the relevant Australian Standards and are accepted for markets within Australia and worldwide.