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Heavy Duty Coatings

Each year, around the globe, Corrosion causes enormous losses that rise continuously with the increased usage of metals in industrial development.

Iron and Steel are among the most widely used materials in industry and building today and wherever these materials are used, corrosion problems exist, especially where these materials are subjected to the elements. Obviously without a protective paint of some description, bridges, cars, ships, structures and appliances of every conceivable size and shape would not last very long.

The Purpose of a Protective Coating

The use of paint, or more specifically, the use of a Heavy Duty, Protective Coating on a structure, serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it must protect the base metal from failure by corrosion and secondly it should enhance the appearance of the structure.

Very often, even an inferior paint can perform satisfactorily providing a little care is taken in surface preparation and application.

Corrosion must be prevented if iron and steel structures are to be durable and the main methods of corrosion prevention employed today are by the use of protective coatings.

Although there are many ways of preventing corrosion, protective coating is by far the most practical and economical way of treating easily oxidize able metals against rust.

Click on the attached file to select a suitable Heavy Duty Paint System and to read more about what Supalux and CMP have to offer in this regard. For technical advice and services, contact Supalux.

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