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Marine paints are essential in protecting and maintaining safe and efficient shipping around the Globe. The largest proportion of worldwide transport logistics is on our oceans. Since its establishment, CMP has ranked as one of the top marine paint manufacturers in Japan, and one of the top four in the world. Delivery is via our service networks that extend to about 30 countries and in more than 80 locations.

Please visit the Chugoku Marine Paints website for more information on our Marine Paints and visit the Chogoku Marine Paints Network for further product information.

Chogoku Marine Paints Product Manual

Paint for Ships

Marine paints protect ships from harsh weather conditions. It is essential that marine paints are durable enough to withstand the severest of corrosive conditions known to man.

Chugoku is constantly developing eco-friendly paints and streamlining the coating process for efficient and cost effective shipping.

Today, in Japan and around the globe, groups requesting the use of eco- or human-friendly paints have become more and more vocal and the demand for tin free anti-fouling paint, solvent-free paint and tar-free paint for tanks is increasing. CMP has promptly and successfully developed a group of products in response to such demands.

Paints for pleasure boats and yachts

The America’s Cup, the largest yacht race in the world. Japan has been challenging the holders since 1992 and the hull of the yacht, Nippon Challenge, is coated with CMP paints. With help of the high level paint technology recognized by yachtsmen throughout the world, the Seajet Series was developed as the very first specialty paint dedicated to pleasure boats and yachts in Japan.

Paints for fishing boats

(NEW MARINE GOLD, MARINE STAR, KAISOKU, NEW KAMOME and others) Ship bottom paint for Fibreglass reinforced Plastic (FRP) fishing boats. CMP continues to develop and sell anti-fouling paints for FRP fishing boats while considering sailing conditions and the impact on the environment. CMP antifoulings are recognized for their long and stable anti-fouling performance, preventing marine algae or barnacle growth.

Safety Data Sheets